The riders took their marks hoping that they knew their lines well enough to not have anything hit the floor in post production. While most were able to adhere to their scripts, several had to ride in on a  banana due to weather and traffic.

There were auditions, some improvisation and even a couple sequels made during this year's Void. The rider's finally heard "Cut, print, thats a wrap!!" before heading off to the cast party.  The Void 10 is now in the can...
We'd like to thank the riders for their time and effort and providing us with a purpose to return next year. We hope you enjoyed riding as much as we enjoyed producing The Void 10.  Your charitable contributions provided $2,480 to The Fisher House*.  On behalf of all those who will benefit from your contributions we'd like to say thank you.
And of course to our staff. Without your selfless contribution of time and effort none of this would be possible. Thank you...

*This does not constitute an endorsement of, or any affiliation to ,The Void by The Fisher House FoundationTM.

Updated Oct 11, 2015


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