Welcome to the twelfth annual running of The Void.  Over the past couple of years we have offered riders a challenge or two in The Void that resided primarily in the planning; Voidopoly (our twisted version of Monopoly), the TV & Movie theme, and try as you might to forget, who could forget Yahtzee! 

What we have realized in retrospect is the locations have been a little, uh, dull... A post office to take a picture of here, a big box store for a receipt there, a statue or two to place your flag on– nothing to really write home about despite the fact they tied into that year’s theme. Well not this year bucko!! If it’s weird, unusual, off color, or many colors, different, creepy or just plain whack-a-doodle you can count on it being in this year’s bonus list. You will experience a cornucopia of the things that will make you want to visit the rest of the bonus list on your own time.  

Of course there will be the subtle nuances that make The Void what you have come to know and love... okay, maybe really like a lot.  So if you have been saying for the last 13 years that you really should have ridden The Void this year – now is the time for action. No guarantees, no bold proclamations of being the premiere rally, no claims to awesome swag, just a MFGTTBOAM.

This photo bonus rally will roll three simultaneous 24+ hour rallies with one 10-hour mini rally.
In the 24+ hour rally format, riders will have the opportunity to start from one of three locations:
Wilkes-Barre, PA / Franklin, TN / Kingsland, GA
Within a designated time window, 24+ hour riders will obtain a receipt from their start location and contact rally headquarters prior to starting their ride.
Since there is no way to even the playing field with three start locations, each 24+ hour Rally start location will be scored as an individual rally.
Rally Books will be e-mailed and Rally Towels will be mailed to all 24+ hour riders.

In the 10-hour mini-rally riders will start from and finish at Rally Headquarters located in Fredericksburg, VA. Bonus locations will be e-mailed to riders; Rally Towels and Rally Books will be handed out Friday evening prior to start.
The Void will once again be asking riders to make a charitable contribution to The Fisher House*.

*This does not constitute an endorsement of, or any affiliation to, The Void by The Fisher House FoundationTM.

Updated July 12, 2017
  The Void is brought to you in cooperation with the Mason Dixon 20-20 Riders Club, Charter 2993.

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