We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the riders and staff who helped make The Void 11 a success.  We'd also like to admonish Hurricane Matthew for providing us with the highest level of DNS we have ever seen...

Through the generous contributions of our riders we raised at least $1,020 for The Fisher House Foundation*. We are sure this contribution is on the low side based on the DNS and DNF riders whose contributions we were not able to account for.

A special thanks to our staff. Without your selfless contribution of time, effort and patience we'd never be able to provide the riders the experience they deserve.

We look forward to your return next year and welcome the impending class of first time Void riders as well.


*This does not constitute an endorsement of, or any affiliation to ,The Void by The Fisher House FoundationTM.

Updated Oct 9, 2016


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