Another one in the books and lets hope this is the last rally of it's kind. Not the collaboration between two Rallymasters to bring you the challenges of a motorcycle endurance rally, but the situation that forced them to do that. Kudos to Rick and Jean for not tossing in the rally towel as COVID dictated the day-to-day tasks you could accomplish or the places you could go. I think it is absolutley fitting that when faced with an unexpected situation (like a flat tire, or hours of operation changed or locked gates or HHMs removed or museums relocated or deer appearing suddenly from no where, etc. you get the point if you rally) that they adapted and overcame to prevail in the face of an unplanned situation. I for one am very grateful that they had enough faith in The Void to ask us to join forces to ensure that the sundowning running of the Mason Dixon 20-20 was able to be run.

To the riders that joined us, to the staff who were subject to the frustrations of a collaborative scoring effort this year and to the spouses of all those who plan, execute and participate in these events - THANK YOU!!!

Updated October 12, 2020

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